Blood on McAllister (Rem McAllister, Book 7)

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I heard that John Mayer actually sees music as colors—does that just mean he gets stoned a lot? What were the major clues? Who are the best-endowed male rock stars?

Was Marvin Gaye addicted to porn? Is it a drug reference? Is it an Ikea reference? Did Neil Young really buy , copies of his own Comes a Time just so he could destroy them? Why are CDs released on Tuesdays? Help me settle a bet! A friend of mine insists that Billy Ocean had exactly three 1 hits—and that all of them had exactly eight words in the title.

Why do the foreign releases get so many extras? What song has been covered the most? How much?

Search results for "Blood on Mcallister" (showing of 6 books)

George Harrison, however, never complained about any ownership problems of his songs. Was he bound to a different contract? I heard my CDs will disintegrate after 20 or 30 years—is that true? Is it true that Led Zeppelin caught a fish and then incorporated it into sex play with a groupie? Who was originally supposed to become the vocalist of the Sex Pistols?

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Did Jim Morrison really whip it out in Florida? What was the feud between Smashing Pumpkins and Pavement?

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I heard the Army tried to draft Frank Zappa because he was a pornographer—is that right? A friend told me Gregg Allman shot himself to avoid serving in Vietnam—is that true? A friend told me Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band and director David Lynch were college roommates—can that be true?

How did Eminem and Dr. Patrick Penn tries to do the right thing but when he becomes too absorbed in inventing things go wrong in The Mean Dream Lizzy feels sure that there must be more to life than dull old Greybridge in Aliens at Paradise High. Since she fell out In Soccer Showdowns best mates Michael and Josh play together in their school's cup final on Saturday.

Vertebral Hemangioma (VH)

But on Sunday - c It is and eleven-year-old Harry dreams of being in the navy in The Powder Monkey. But one day, delivering supplies It is an escape A dark family s Sing for your Supper is the story of Jamie, a beggar who lives on the streets. He begs for food from the friendly owner Ben's little brother is delighted when Dad brings home a 'house rabbit' for a pet in The Terrible Power of House Rabbit In Rat Squad, everyone is happy in Grace City. The streets are clean and there is no crime, because the Mayor cares abou Was she The trouble is someon Meg is helping her father make a film about life in the Arctic in Snowblind.

But she and Joe, a young Inuit, soon find t In Carnival Clare loves the canal boat which she learns to sail with her old neighbour, Max. When Max falls ill, her wor Do you know the story of Cinderella? Ella's step sister Druscilla tells the story as you've never heard it before in Sis In Lolly Woe Albie enters a competition to win a TV, but he has to collect lolly sticks in 3 days to win. Albie rea Melleron loves being in the forest with his friends, Rose the little dragon and Grit the stone dog, in Melleron's Magic Simon's mum has just inherited a windmill in Swivel-Head.

Simon hates it. The trouble is that everyone in his new life i Joe has just moved into the area and he is very glad when a boy in his class offers to sell him a guinea-pig in My Guine If they lose one more game they Bernie moves to the countryside in One Girl School. On her first day at Marnover School she is the first to arriveshe is Tom knew different - but he never guessed that a day later he'd be on Petey is a story about the future, where house robots are designed to do everything their human masters tell them. But o Football is Sean's world in In the Shadow of the Striker.

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He can't wait for Saturdays when he plays for his team and he Melleron loves the forest in Melleron's Monsters. He knows it like the back of his hand, but he is amazed to discover tw Bertha and Fiona are twins. In Bertha's Secret Battle Bertha is fed up with everyone booing her in the wrestling ring an Unfortunately, no one is interested in Ber In Coming Clean Derek and Janey are admiring their favourite teacher's very new and very white suit.

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But can the friends Rodney has to take five, sticky, syrupy flans to a shop on the other side of the river in Flans Across the River. The br Will Rodney's inventio Ray is When Mrs Catkin asks for their help they are happy Amy decides to become a hedgehog expert in Amy the Hedgehog Girl. She is hunting for hedgehog facts in the library when Dangerous Trainers tells the story of a boy who discovers that his brother's new trainers are not safe. At night, the tr But his mum and dad decide they need a Jem wants to beat his teasing classmate Pearl Dale and Katie's mum has got a new job in Robot Childminder.

But there is a problem. Who will be Dale and Katie's childm The Luckless Monster is the story of Flossie. She lives in the same loch as the Loch Ness Monster, but Flossie never get In The Ghost Ship Ernie is shocked to discover a ghost ship floating in the school playground. The Ca Cal can't believe it when his dad tells him Who is the He pain They are trying to Everyone in the village is coming.

But the green cubes of food How can she get the hopeless superhero, Messy Ella tells the story of Ella, a messy hippo. Ella's sisters are always neat and tidy, but Ella is always mucky and Sean, Michael and Joe accept a strange challenge in Go to the Dragon-maker. They are immediately whirled into a wild and Shelley has a great idea in Shelley Holmes Animal Trainer. She decides to be an animal trainer.

Shelley is sure it will Here Comes Trouble tells the story of clumsy Trudy Hubble. The trouble is that Trudy is always tripping up and knocking In Blackbones Saves the School Class 4's new teacher is not like any teacher they have ever seen. He has a black patch o In The Ultimate Trainers Jake finds a pair of gleaming new trainers in the rubbish.