Solar Energy Conversion Systems

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The team would like to design the devices so they could be easily bolted on to existing systems, making conversion relatively inexpensive.


The researchers used a gallium nitride semiconductor in the "proof of concept" tests. The efficiency they achieved in their testing was well below what they have calculated PETE's potential efficiency to be, which they had anticipated.

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But they used gallium nitride because it was the only material that had shown indications of being able to withstand the high temperature range they were interested in and still have the PETE process occur. With the right material -- most likely a semiconductor such as gallium arsenide, which is used in a host of common household electronics -- the actual efficiency of the process could reach up to the 50 or 60 percent the researchers have calculated.

They are already exploring other materials that might work. Another advantage of the PETE system is that by using it in solar concentrators, the amount of semiconductor material needed for a device is quite small. The cost of materials has been one of the limiting factors in the development of the solar power industry, so reducing the amount of investment capital needed to build a solar farm is a big advance.

Materials provided by Stanford University.

Solar Energy Conversion Systems

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Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by Stanford University. Journal Reference : Jared W. Schwede, Igor Bargatin, Daniel C.

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Riley, Brian E. Hardin, Samuel J. Photon-enhanced thermionic emission for solar concentrator systems. ScienceDaily, 2 August Stanford University. New solar energy conversion process could double solar efficiency of solar cells. Retrieved September 23, from www.

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It's all made possible by a new window architecture which When light is absorbed in an ordinary ink, it generates heat. A photovoltaic ink, however, coverts The approval process is managed through Elsevier. For the most part, this course will rely on standard solar notation established in for the journal, Solar Energy. A paper on the subject is available here. I use the standard notation in our class lectures and the textbook. This convention applies equally for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The choice of basis affects the form of the spherical trigonometric algorithms developed to calculate the angles of incidence. This is not a text of calculations, and describes solar developments over the millenia.

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  • One of my new favorite solar texts that was revised and added to from the out of print text by Butti and Perlin, A Golden Thread: Years of Solar Architecture and Technology. Coding Supplements for Students and Educators The calculation of parameters in solar energy are facilitated with software algorithms, particularly for chapters Answers to Problem Sets for Educators The problem sets at the end of the chapter have been worked and will be available to qualified educators.

    Standard Notation For the most part, this course will rely on standard solar notation established in for the journal, Solar Energy.